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Benefits of Mineral Makeup

There’s a lot of interest in mineral makeup because of its safe, all natural and organic characteristics.  But do you have all the facts?

Mineral makeup is as ancient as the human desire to enhance one’s looks.  Think Cleopatra’s kohl-rimmed eyes.  But not all mineral makeup products are the same.  Be wary of those that have fillers or claim to be mineral-enriched.  They may contain preservatives, perfumes, chemical dyes or other irritating ingredients that clog the pores and aggravate allergies.


It’s always best to go with a trusted brand like in Harmony, which recently introduced a line of 100% organic and mineral makeup.   The benefits of using such a brand include:

  • 100% mineral makeup products won’t clog your pores.
  • They are preservative-free and fragrance-free which minimizes allergies and skin irritations.
  • They soothe.  Did you know that calamine lotion which is used to calm rashes is basically zinc oxide colored with iron oxide?  Both of these ingredients are in mineral makeup?
  • It serves as a natural protector from the sun.  Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are naturally found in mineral makeup and both ingredients have been approved by the FDA as a sunscreen.
  • It is totally oil-free which is great for those with oily skin.
  • It is breathable.  It is light, airy and leaves your skin looking natural and beautiful.
  • 100% mineral makeup doesn’t support the growth of bacteria, making it especially beneficial for patients with acne-prone skin.

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Know the Ingredients in Your Beauty Products

Just like in the food industry, you need to read the ingredients that are in your skin care and makeup products.  According to a study released last year by the Harvard School of Public Health, the average U.S. person is exposed to more than 100 chemicals in their cosmetics, soaps and personal care products before leaving the house in the morning!

And what’s even more disturbing is that some of these products contain a dozen or more chemicals, many of which are carcinogens, neurotoxins and reproductive toxins that are absorbed through our skin … our largest organ.

Unfortunately the FDA currently has little power to regulate ingredients in personal care.  There is legislature under consideration by Congress – The Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Act of 2013 – which would require more safety measures, but until it is approved we need to be our own advocates.  So read the labels.  Make sure you know what you are putting on your face and your body.

At in Harmony we pride ourselves on safe, non-toxic ingredients.  Our products are all natural, developed by a doctor and are 80-100% organic.  Many of our competitors claim to be organic, but only 3%+ of their ingredients are.  How can they do this?  Because the industry is not yet regulated.

We use only safe, pure, clean ingredients in our beauty care products. Ingredients that nourish, treat and heal like organic aloe vera, organic avocado butter, organic tea and oils.


Learn more about Why in Harmony Naturals and let’s all be healthier and wiser about using products that are good for us.