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Organic Personal Lubricants Prevent Irritation

Eliminates vaginal dryness and enhances lovemaking naturally.

We use personal lubricants on some of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, so shouldn’t we make sure that they are safe to use?  The next time you purchase a personal lubricant read the label.  Make sure that there are no harmful irritants or ingredients.  And go with a brand that is committed to using safe, clean ingredients.

We recommend Sensual by in Harmony Naturals.  This product is supported by Carole Kowalczyk, M.D., a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist.  It is gentle enough to be used by those with skin sensitivities and is made of 100% organic ingredients – a special blend of coconut and olive oil.

Sensual relieves vaginal dryness, enhances lovemaking, and doesn’t harm sperm like many of the leading brands.  Do you know that many of those brands include irritants and toxic substances like parabens, glycerine and sodium benzoate?

Sensual by in Harmony Naturals is the all natural, safe, non-irritating and effective alternative.  It’s great for menopausal women who need a natural moisturizing lubricant.  And it’s great for couples trying to conceive, because when clinically tested against leading commercial lubricants, Sensual was superior in promoting sperm motility and viability.

To listen to a radio  interview about Sensual or read reviews about the product click here.

100% organic personal lubricant.  Completely safe and fun to use!
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