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The Brush Up on Taklon Makeup Brushes?

Let’s start with explaining what a Taklon brush is.  After all, even spell check doesn’t recognize the word!

Taklon is a very special, high-quality synthetic fiber.  And if images of stiff and hard-to-use come to mind, brush them away.  That was years ago.  These brushes are soft, apply makeup beautifully, are easy to clean, last forever and best of all, good for you and kind to animals.  Which is why in Harmony uses, sells and recommends them.


If you wonder why an all natural beauty line prefers taklon to animal hair brushes its because they are safer for you.  Did you know that animal hair brushes harbor bacteria, are loaded with dead skin cells, can irritate sinuses, and that dyes are often used to make them look better?  All of these factors can cause your skin to break out.

And taklon brushes are a great cruelty-free alternative.   Sadly, every year millions of animals are harmed in the creation of animal hair brushes.  Not a good option for those of us who support animal kindness.

in Harmony’s 100% taklon brushes are made of the highest quality taklon.   They are designed to have anti-bacterial qualities, are super soft and ideal for applying loose mineral makeup evenly.  These vegan brushes are famous for their durability, flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Like anything, these brushes will last longer if well taken care of.  Some experts recommend you wash them weekly (but this blogger does it once a month with good results).  Regardless of the frequency, know that cleaning your brushes regularly will ensure that they’ll remain in good shape.  We recommend that you use a plant-based cleanser like in Harmony’s body wash.

What do you think?  Is it time to try a taklon brush?